Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Week in Brisbane

We've had a wonderful week in Brisbane! Our cruising schedule has been shattered; we do more than one thing a day. In fact, sometimes we do four or more things! It's hard to keep track of it all. With miles (kilometers) and miles of biking and walking trails throughout the city, we've had a great time getting our land legs back. Krister and I are running again and looking forward to taking advantage of the natural climbing wall at Kangaroo Cliffs across the river. And now that we're in a marina, there's plenty of fresh water for showering. We're moored right downtown in the business district within walking distance to cafes, restaurants (yummy sushi stands), stores, parks, libraries and museums. The city is sparkling. It's strange to look out the port lights and see towering buildings all lit up instead of uninhabited palm fringed atolls. Brisbane is full of useful amenities; lots of drinking fountains, bike racks with bike repair stations, paths and trails, a free public pool and water park, libraries and museums, and tons of public transportation options. And it's so clean; haven't seen any homelessness, graffiti or trash. I've never seen any city like it.
The serpentine river runs through the city of...
beautiful old buildings... 
along side modern designs
and tons of public artwork.

We've made some time to clean-up and make repairs to Britannia too. Krister took the opportunity of the hottest day on record (100+) to install a new galley faucet. I don't think Britannia has looked this good since leaving Mexico.

 Last night we attended a free Christmas concert in the Botanical Gardens with our friends on Convivia and Ceilydh. Tons of people showed up dressed in red and green with Santa hats on, but it felt so much like summer that there was a strange disconnect for us. A picnic in the park will never feel like Christmas to me no matter how many carols are sung. But it was fun :)

One more strange Aussie creature;
a possum checking us out on our walk back from the concert

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  1. Your observations about Brisbane are interesting,I hope you dont decide to stay permantly! Gene