Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More on Vanuatu

I'm sorry these didn't get posted and written about sooner. Our time in Vanuatu was too short so I spent most of it out seeing as much as I could before we had to leave. We had a great time celebrating our 6th anniversary, eating out, visiting the markets and getting away from town to see Mele Cascades waterfalls. Here are the highlights...

The waterfalls are a short cab ride out of Vila. There was an entrance fee to the park, but worth it. The grounds are well cared for, with paths and hand ropes to guide you to the top pool of the falls. The also had a snack bar, showers, restrooms, tables and patio that made it a pleasant place to spend the day. 

Impressive bamboo stand 

Mele Cascades; waterfall near Port Vila

Very easy hike to the top, including handrails for walking over slippery  rocks

Lots of pools and rocks to hang out in and on 

There are a few great grocery stores in Vila; we found special treats we hadn't seen in a while. But the markets were definitely more colorful and interesting. 
Wonderful Port Vila Market; the most variety anywhere in the South Pacific
Ruby with a drinking coconut at the Port Vila produce market
Getting provisioned for our passage to Australia

Here's a couple things you may not have tried at home...
Choco; looks kind of like an avocado, and honeydew melon on the inside; but you pit, peel and cook it.
Has a tangy taste, great in korma, curries, soups, or where ever you need more vegetables. 
A sprouted coconut; it's the texture of foam but taste like a sweet coconut treat

Ladies playing cards near the handicraft market
These ladies could sew anything you ask for on their  antique machines

We really had a wonderful time in Vanuatu; wish we could've sailed further north, and stayed longer. But life is full of choices, and you can't do and see everything.

We're thankful for what we have been blessed with...
The moon rise.
 I love when you can see the faint shadow of the full moon  behind the crescent.


  1. I know what you mean by the shadow of the moon, I remember as a child first realizing that the moon was a globe and not a disk that is appears when full. Such hard choices! - wiitch part of paradise shall we go to next?, suffering builds charactor. Gene.

  2. You got so many great pictures. Thanks for sharing. The little boys watching Krister work on the generator reminds me of Dane, wanting to get in and help. Miss you. Sometimes I forget how long you have been gone. oxox