Monday, November 22, 2010

out of the gate again and family visits

We had a beautiful day of sailing last Sunday with my mom. Great weather, great wind and great sun set. Couldn't ask for anything more :)
Here's my mom having so much fun on the boat!

In mid- October we made a second attempt to make it around the Farllones with similar results to the first. What began as a fun time hit a bump when sea sickness descended on Rick and made us decide it would be better to turn back for home.

Here I am in my foul weather gear, jack line, harness and life jacket. Anyone worried yet?

The highlight of the trip came after we turned around and headed back in the dark. The low over head clouds kept the stars and moon from giving us any light to work with, but as I scanned the horizon behind us, I caught a spectacular sight. In our wake was a stream of glowing jelly fish. The bioluminescence! After hearing about it for years I finally got to experience it for myself. I sat on watch in awe- giggling with delight. Which was a good thing because with an out going tide creating a 3 knot current, fighting our way back into the bay took all night.

Wish I had more time to write- there's so much more to say. We're leaving in 40 days!