Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Living on the boat

Well, we're here! It's been a difficult last few weeks for me. Trying to rid myself of the junk I hold onto is hard, but that was not the hardest part. Moving out of the apartment I shared with my sister was surreal. I kept feeling like I was abandoning her. I felt that the trip was looming too close now. Like walking down the aisle on your wedding day- it's exciting but I can't help wondering if it's really happening and how it came to be. And I can't seem to process it all right now. I still have a few odds and ends to take care of at the old place, but we've been living on the boat for a few days now.

It's amazing how much stuff fits in the cracks. I still have too many clothes- I separated them into what I need for now, and what I'll need for the trip. The fridge is bottomless- yet always looks full. The quarter berth is a mess. It's like a garage- just a place for miscellaneous stuff to rest while you figure out what to do with it... or forget that it's there.

I realized this morning that I've done this before... well not exactly this, but it does strongly remind me of a time in high school that I lived in a quonset hut with my dad. Just two rooms and a closet bathroom. But it's different this time. There's the promise of adventure just around the corner.

I've been loving the alone time- the quiet energy of the boat, the magic ambiance of the marina, the sunlight dancing off the water and reflecting off the bimini. I've been imagining what this next part of my life will be like- there's no way that my thoughts can match the reality of this trip- even though I try... and I think about it all the time.

So far things are going well for us here. The plan that living on the boat will help us find hidden problems is coming to fruition. Last night the marina handyman pointed out that the dockside electrical box red light was on- meaning that there was an electrical charge leaking back through the ground wire. My genius husband found the problem right away- the battery charger was wired backwards. So glad that we have great marina staff, so glad that we have all the tools needed to fix it, so glad that we have Krister!