Sunday, May 26, 2013

An Update

It's late. And tomorrow is my last day of work. Again. So I'll keep this short. Krister and I have been working in the Bay Area for the last five months, but we're about to leave on another adventure next Friday. We've been haphazardly getting ready, making plans and figuring "things" out. So what's next for us?
We're headed to Alaska for the summer. Krister and I, along with his brothers and Rick, will be working on fixing the foundation of the homestead, cleaning up the little cabin, and building a guest house. Should be a sweet time to reconnect with family, ourselves, and land.  When the summer's over things are a bit hazy. We're hoping to visit the midwest to reconnect with family and friends. Then maybe head back to the boat for a few weeks to check in and keep up on maintenance. We'll keep you posted, but as things stand now, the cruising kitty isn't big enough for south east Asia.