Thursday, March 24, 2011

La Paz to San Blas

Lots of puffer fish in the water and on beaches
Sea turtle floating by us

Yellow tail fish

In the V-berth

Probably the most beautiful sunset yet!

I had written a long post while we were beclamed in the Sea of Cortez, but this computer at the internet place is giving me a had time about up loading it- so you´re stuck with the short version.
We left La Paz over 2 weeks ago and spent half of that time anchored off Ensenada de los muertos waiting for wind and the other half of that time bobbing in the Sea of Cortez. I think we set a record for longest and slowest passage aross the sea. It wasn´t so bad though- lots of sun, relaxing, reading and even our first sightings of sea turtles.
Here are a few photos to enjoy while you wait for our next post!

Laundry drying

Britannia at anchor

Dave and Marg visiting from Kevit

Dinner on the boat

Relaxing in our on deck hammock with a good book


  1. Great pictures, you really look like you are enjoying yourselves, your previous posts were very well written. We have had 12 days of rain and lots of bad news (internationaly), so think about us poor scmucks back home occaisionaly and smile. Gene

  2. Looks like Krister is back to his ol' self again. Memories of Costa when I see the pics. Thanks for all of them. Thanks for the sand dollar for my Birthday! It made it all the way to me in one piece! Love you Cats!-Ah Betty

  3. Wonderful pics, wonderful smiles. Thanks for posting! Love, Maud

  4. From the rainy bay, you look like you're in heaven. I'm glad to know you two are pumping along and seemingly loving it. Thanks for keeping up with the blog posts... they give me something to dream about and let me know you're safe and happy. Love, Dashal