Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cabo to La Paz

Where did we leave off? It's always best to start at the beginning, but where do you start when time has lost all meaning or if you can't remember...

We want to send out a big thanks to our friend Elisabeth for all her generosity! We had a great time in San Jose del Cabo. Her hotel, The Grand Mayan, was the most impressively designed hotel I've ever visited. Stepping out of the bright heat of the day into a black Mayan temple that was the lobby/entrance was awe inspiring. Turns out that the statues are fertility gods.

Grand Mayan Fertility God Statue

Sunset San Jose del Cabo (photo by Elisabeth)

The shower was wonderful, everything I thought it could be. (And I really needed it) We stopped for beers, then a long walk on the beach, followed by the best Mexican meal we've had so far. Maybe it had something to do with all the margaritas? Or that it was the first meal I didn't have to wash the dished after...
The walk around the marina in the dark was an adventure, not to mention the unlit dinghy ride back to the boat. But the jam session and hanging out was great. Man what a perfect night! Unfortunately the winds picked up early the next morning so we had to go; missing brunch, pool time, and meeting Liz's brother.

We arrived and anchored in Los Frailes just after dark. (When are we going to break that habit?!) In the morning we went ashore and met a few other cruises- the first we'd seen in our age group- and with boats smaller than ours. Following their advice, we hiked up the near bluff and caught some fantastic views- including this one of Britannia.

With all the beauty surrounding us it's probably hard to believe that real life and routine continue. But there's always meals to cook, things to clean, fix and organize- plus weather to check. We usually check in with the ham radio nets in the morning, getting weather info, and then check our windlink radio email, and the sat phone text messages. Hearing from friends and family- especially the silly ones- always makes us smile.

Krister on the radio

It took us a few days and a couple anchorages to make it to La Paz. For cruisers reading this, we stopped at Ensenada de los muertos. It's an easy anchorage to get into-even has some facilities. Our timing was off yet again and we arrived in the La Paz bay just after dark- and to make it worse there was no moon to help us. Thank God for the radar! It saved our asses- again. Because our charts did not have enough detail we didn't expect the large rock jutting out of the water as we were coming into Ballenrda Bay- where we intended to anchor. After an abrupt U-turn we changed our plans, inspected the more detailed charts for surrounding bays with easier anchorages. In the morning we awoke to a strong north wind that kept us at anchor through the afternoon. Just as well, I needed the time to clean the boat and prepare it for Suzy's arrival.

Our time in La Paz has been full of new friends and adventures. Our first day here we were lucky to met Nancy and Greg on Festima Lente. They showed us the ropes and got us orientated. The chores that would've take hours, if not days, was cut in half- giving us time to relax. By the time Suzy arrived we had filled the boat with water, food, and clean laundry. Nothing left to do but have fun!

Amanda reading the Kindle (thanks girls!)
Walking about La Paz
On the boardwalk

Drinks and cards! She wouldn't cheat- would she?
Looks fun- but burrr it was chilly

Espiritu Santu

Caleta Partida

Awesome cave we climbed up into- ah shade!

Look at those tough kids hauling the dinghy through the squishy seaweed

Along the Malcon in La Paz

These were the strongest margaritas I've ever drank. Thanks Kevin!

Brunch and coffee- delicious!

Practicing the art of henna tattooing

We spent some time on the beach tanning, reading and napping; had a great hike on the Island of Espiritu Santu; strolled around La Paz- people watching and enjoying the Carnaval festivities.

The week went by pretty fast- as all vacations do. We were sad to see her leave- not knowing when we'd see her again or get another visit from friends or family. Good thing there are so many great people in La Paz and that we have each other!

Today we paid our bond exemption fees and filled out the rest of our Puddle Jump paper work, making our decision final: we will be leaving Mexico in 3 to 4 weeks and heading out to French Polynesia! Sorry Tucker- Krister was pretty close to talking me into another year. But I know we'll see you guys again- and we'll have lots of stories to share then.


  1. Britannia, Welcome to Fat Tuesday in La Paz. Great to see you made it and good on 'ya!

  2. I miss the sunshine - hope I find my camera! xoxo

  3. Great photos guys! Glad to see you're enjoying some smooth seas and sunshine.

  4. Gosh I even miss Krister's crazy hair! Who knew.
    Okay number one: is it me or is Amanda paranoid about Suzy cheating on some card game? Number two: how many bathing suits did Suzy bring and three: why wasn't I there? All great questions with answers to be found out when I speak to Suzy Wednesday night! Yeah. This is like the game telephone in elementary school!
    NEVER knew "hump day" could mean so much more to me! (Did I just pull a Joey and put the "" around the wrong word? hehehe) love and miss you crazy kiddos!
    -kathie (still can't figure out how to post under my name so I'll stay mysterious and keep being anonymous-Kathie)

  5. Lisa and I have really enjoyed reading your posts! Keep on keepin on your "huge" adventure!