Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year & New Life

It's an hour past midnight on New Year's Day... I just finished my last shift and Crogan's. I'm typing in dim light, listening to the rain on the cabin top and to Krister's restless tossing from the V-berth as he waits for me to come to bed. I'm sure I'm tired underneath the adrenaline...
I can't believe our new life is starting to take off! I'm done waiting tables! Deep breath...

I hope now I can focus on what's going on, be able to catch up and finish the last minute errands before we leave. The weather does not look to be cooperative, and that's fine for now. Krister has another week of work and one last Dynamite Truck show.

To all my favorite Crogan's friends and regulars- Thank you for the gifts and support. I hope to write many entertaining blog entries to keep you from having to ask Suzy how we're doing. Best to you all in the new year!

Good Night,


  1. Congratulations Krister and Amanda. I will continue to be a bad friend (as I wish for your delayed departure) until you are on your way, then i'll start looking forward to catching up with you. Here's to 2011!!

  2. Love you Randa and Krister! I'm peeking to see where you are. :) Jess