Monday, July 4, 2011

The best birthday!

I celebrated my 34th birthday in Tahanea- a small unpopulated atoll in the middle of the Tuamotus. It couldn't have been a better day... unless my sisters had been able to teleport in for the day. I awoke to the stillest morning I'd ever seen; easy to forget that we're living on a boat. With a sudden spark of inspiration I bounded out of bed, intent upon going up the mast to have a look around. It was amazing! The horizon disappeared, dissolved into the sky- and the water had become a mirror reflecting all the blues know to man. Got some great shots of our friends' boats- Having picture perfect conditions in paradise makes photography so much easier and rewarding.

After breakfast we headed out to do a drift snorkel with the Piko's, Whatcha Gonna Do's and the Ceilydh's. There were the usual fish. colorful live coral, black tipped reef sharks, but the highlight for everyone were the very curious and numerous manta rays. They graced us with there presence- flying around and swooping back again to check us out. So docile and large, they reminded me of cows (no Forrest, not in the scary way).

I had a great lunch on Watcha Gonna Do- they pulled out their best stuff! If you've ever had a long time craving- for fresh food in a desolate place- you'll be able to appreciate what this meant to me. Pear, pecan and goat cheese salad with homemade rye bread rolls- delicious! They threw in a fresh shower too!

I lounged in the hammock for a bit, then after sun set, we headed over to Ceilydh for a pot luck party. We all wore our sarongs- toga style. Our buddy boats had pitched in for a fabulous black pearl, that Lauren-girl made into a pendent and necklace. What a sweet surprise!

Our time has ben passing along quickly- I'm 34, but feeling like I was just 26 the other day. We've got 4 more weeks until our French Polynesia Visas expire and we head west to Raratonga. I'm enjoying it all and wishing that I could some how make it last longer, find a way to bottle it in a concentrated form to drink it in later, when skies are grey and times are troubled...

Holding you all in my heart. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!


  1. Looking good! It warms my heart to see you both looking so fulfilled and happy out there. And knowing that you can enjoy life's fleeting small pleasures with good people reminds me to look at my life differently. Thanks, Bowmans. You always seem to amaze me and make me smile.
    Missing you like crazy and thinking of you too often to share (for it boarders on embarrassing).
    hugs and credit cards,

  2. Yay everybody, Yay! Looks like you're both having an amazing time. Happiest of Birthdays!!!
    s/v Tao crew

  3. You are so beautiful! I love the syrong! It looks like you had a great day- Love you-Ah-Betty
    oh oh and credit cards from me too!

  4. Happy Birthday!,Great picture of you atop the mast,from your comments it sounded like you really enjoyed being up there. All the other photos were great as well. I hope you and Krister can continue your Adventures in Paradise for a good length of time. Gene

  5. The only way my post will go through is if I use the 'Anonymous' header. If I use my name, the post dissapears completely. Gene

  6. Wow, wonderful, Amanda! Happy birthday again and thanks for sharing the great post and blue-blue skies photos! xxs, Maud

  7. I love that you were gifted a shower for your birthday!