Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Punta Abreojos

Just real quick... because I could go on and on... We made it to Abreojos after an all night and all day sail. It's a nice little town, queit and not much going on. It´s also home to a world class surf break, too bad for Krister it's not firing today. The swell is super mellow and the winds are forcasted to blow so we're just stopping in and will be back to sailing tomorrow.
We used the solar shower for the first time yesterday. Filled it up with salt water and got naked on the deck. That felt weird, but was fun. I also served up my first batch of sprouts for lunch... yummy! We're still checking into the Baja net in the morning and the Manana net in the afternoon. If anyone has an SSB radio you can chat with us and hear the weather there.
We've had great sunsets, but it's still pretty chilly. I'm wearing classic Amanda. Jeans and a sweatshirt and Krister is still wearing his Game Ready fleece! lol
I'll post more pictures when I can!


  1. Hey Amanda, Gene here, You can come back now, The Republican House yesterday voted to not extend provisions of the Patriot Act! I was shocked!,I would have bet money that they would gone the other way.I was seriously thinking of immagrating to New Zealand, my Great Grandmother said it the most beautiful. She sailed around the world seven times after her husband died.She and My Father drove to Mexico City in 1937 from S.F. in my Dad's 1935 Auburn convertable,she was 71 and he was 27, they were gone for four months! My dad always regretted selling that car and once when I asked him why, he smiled and said: "You were almost half Mexican" (he had not met my mother yet)I can still see the expression on my mom's face! Hell hath no fury, etc,.etc. The last time I was in Mexico was 1975, A friend and I rode our motorcycles down the newly paved Baja Highway to La Paz then took the ferry to Guymas(?) and back up the mainland home,sorry for rambling, but your comments about Mexico triggered the memories. May the winds be favourable, Gene.

  2. Bummer, no surf. Something will hit. Thanks for the updates and the photos. It's amazing to "ride this wave" with you guys. Much love. xoxo Robyn, Mike, Sadie & Mia... & Nalani (by the way, don't adopt a Nalani-look- alike when you're down there, you may borrow her anytime!)