Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Krister stopped for a small snack while working on the breaker panel. The end of all the electrical re-wiring is in sight. In distant sight, that is. We have our lights and water pump back and the V-berth is all put back together, so life on the boat is getting more comfortable again.
I've been polishing a lot of brass. It takes longer than you would think, but when the piece you've been working on is all shiny, there's a real sense of satisfaction.
Krister had time this weekend for a surf session over in Half Moon Bay with his buddy Tim and now he's feeling pretty pumped for some warm water surfing. Doesn't the wet suit over the life lines look great?!
Big news on our boat this week was the completion of the canvas work. Water beads and rolls off the dodger like liquid mercury and the windows look so clear- it's like there's nothing there. We also finally had a binnacle cover so Krister's sweat shirt can be used as a shirt again. It's starting to look like a really nice boat :)

Krister and I continue to read and study for the trip. Krister's mom, Lucia, gave us a great travel guide to the South Pacific and a wonderful pressure cooker for Christmas. Both have me very excited for our big trip. As a short practice sail we are planning on cruising out to the Farallones the last weekend in January. We should have all our sails back by then and the electrical work should be finished.

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  1. I finally had a chance to read your blog and catch up on all your adventures. Yes, like the rest of your friends and family I am a bit concerned for your safety but I have never known Amanda to back down from everything and I know both of you are more than capable. :) You two have done such a wonderful job! Happy sailing and I look forward to keeping up with the adventures. Jeff from MN.