Monday, November 16, 2009

A boaty weekend

On Friday Suzy came to visit. We walked around the marina and had a hot game of boggle before heading out for lunch. This was one of the best boggle rolls I've ever experienced!
Grandma Dee and her friend Lauren made it over on Sunday and we took the boat out for the first time since replacing the shrouds and forestay. I wish I could say the wind put the standing rigging to the test, but it was a very calm day. Sunny and warm with 5 knots of wind made for a nice float on the bay (I'm not sure what we did could be considered sailing). I was glad to have our guest on board to entertain us.
This was about as windy as it got yesterday. But check out those beefy shrouds.
Shiny turnbuckles too!
Saturday Krister put the final touches on out sanitation system by pulling out the holding tank and replacing the last of the hoses.
Good bye stinking poop hose!
Meanwhile I laid out all the chain rode and anchor on deck for inspection and marking out depths. Two-hundred feet of chain and 175 feet of rope rode should take care of us in at least 90% of anchoring situations.
With our holding tank leak and smell free and our anchor rode marked, we are ready to spend our first over night on the hook. Maybe next weekend?

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